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IMG_1117I am Pondero, Leisure Consultant; specializing in bicycles, hammocks, and coffee outside. Since I care nothing about mileage goals, average speeds, or athletic achievements, it might surprise you to learn that I keep a cycling log. Or, if you’ve followed this blog for a good while, you might recall that my cycling log records none of those things. It keeps a record of…hours. Because, for me, duration is the key. Each year, I want to have the largest quantity of leisure I can make happen. Lollygagging done well requires a bit of goal-setting.

As many of you have done lately, I’ve reviewed my numbers from 2015. The good news is that I met (and exceeded slightly) my goals. The bad news is that my key to success in 2015 was my two touring experiences. I currently have no scheduled tours planned for 2016. Would I be able to meet my 2015 goal (or a larger one) this year? Probably not without an implementation plan.

My log from 2015 tells me that, on average, I was on my bike every third day. Since commuting by bicycle isn’t an option for me, it is a challenge to ride everyday, or even five days each week. But my 2015 record of every third day looks like it should have significant room for improvement.

So I’ve set a new hours goal for 2016. Like always, I hope to bag more S24Os, more tours, and more coffee outside this year. But my key approach to achieving my hours goal is not based on “events”. Instead, it simply involves throwing a leg over a saddle more days each week. What does that look like? Well, it looks like more rides in the dark, hot, and cold. It looks like more rides before/after work or during lunch. It also looks like more rides of just a few minutes. Short rides are worth the effort.

Short rides are also key to my 2016 goal.  Because every minute on the bike reduces the risk of Mrs. Pondero needing to say something like, “Go ride your bicycle, and come back with a better attitude!”

13 thoughts on “Leisure Goals

    • Yes, one of my bikes is currently at the office. I’ll probably trade it for another soon. But you are exactly right. A few more rides right after work is probably a realistic step in the next several (short day) weeks.

  1. Years ago while on a bike tour one of my touring buds & I discovered that should we slip into a double digit average speed, it was time to stop for coffee & get that average down. Quality of miles trumps quantity. You’re certainly on the right path with your photos & thoughtful contemplations that you share with us. Looking forward to following your adventures.


  2. “Go ride your bicycle, and come back with a better attitude!” Mrs Allen has her own Liverpool version of the above.

    Love your hours of leisure metric. Keep finding them hours. They’re hiding away in each new day.

  3. A gem of a post. Looking at goal setting through the eyes of Pondero is like rewiring the neuron pathways of my brain.

    “Go ride your bicycle, and come back with a better attitude!”

    My wife also has discovered every one is happier when I’m encouraged to get out for a bike ride.

    • Experience has shown that some form of outdoor recreation is a significant mood enhancer for me. Without it, I tend to go emotionally down. With it, life looks a lot more positive…and I think I’m more pleasant to be around. I talk alot about leisure and lollygagging as if I am simply seeking ways to waste time. But behind all that there is a sort of emotional health purpose to all this.

  4. Chris, Happy New Year! An inspiring post; we are on the same page. Best of luck meeting your riding goals in 2016.

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