Quickbeam Scheming

IMG_1136On the last day of 2015, some were out socializing, celebrating, and looking ahead to the new year. I was at the workstand focusing on a few refinements for the Quickbeam.

For several months, the Quickbeam was my only drop bar bike. But since the sale of the Atlantis, and the addition of the Rambler, I’ve been getting plenty of drop bar riding. So I had a hankering to get the albatross bars back on the Quickbeam. Perhaps, it will get a special assignment this year. Everything went well until I came up one brake cable short. Still, a short test ride was in order.

Oh how sublime!

I’ll get a brake cable soon enough, and get on with meeting my goals for 2016. The Quickbeam could end up being a strategic part of that.

7 thoughts on “Quickbeam Scheming

    • Thanks. It is a true joy to ride. The combination of steel frame, fixed wheel drive, wide and supple tires, and the upright bars make for sensations that delight me.

    • I must admit I’ve been riding fixed for a while. It is painful to be such a disappointment to such a charming, tiny moose-like creature I’ve toured with for so many happy miles.

  1. My XO3 single speed will get the Albatross if I pull the trigger on going back to noodles on the Saluki… It was set up like that last winter and I liked the set up but hated the studded tires and didn’t ride it much. I’ve got big apples on it right now though which I’ve enjoyed in the past so I think I’d be OK. As always I look forward to keeping track of your builds!

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