Brown & Gray Day


It might be bleak and depressing to some. But to me, the late fall brown and gray is beautiful. The colors are there, but they are subtle. I enjoy sitting roadside with fresh brewed coffee and finding them.


I sit and listen, and I sit and watch the last of the leaves roll down the road with the wind. There is a balance between color and texture that pleases the senses.


It is as if the season has allowed life to slow to a pace I can finally comprehend.


6 thoughts on “Brown & Gray Day

  1. I enjoy the contrast of the sunny yellow Rambler against the buff brown and gray backdrop. I can also relate to “slow(ing) to a pace I can finally comprehend”.

    • No camo working with this bright yellow, especially this time of year. For me the “slow bikes, slow coffee” sticker from Gravel & Grind could be expanded to include “slow thinking”. Wait a minute, that didn’t come out right…

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