Wichita Falls Micro-Tour

IMG_1012All I did was ride my bicycle for two days on some Texas backroads, spent the night in Bowie, Texas, and ended up in Wichita Falls to meet up with Mrs. Pondero at the agility trial mentioned in my last post. The weather was perfect. It was brisk in the mornings, and cool in the afternoons. The wind and I were generally traveling in the same direction. It was fantastic.

I put a little slideshow together that includes several photos of my new Ocean Air Cycles Rambler, the roads, and the surrounding countryside.

16 thoughts on “Wichita Falls Micro-Tour

    • Thanks, I hope that it communicates some of the quality introvert time I had out ramblin’ across the cross timbers and prairies. It might happen again in April. I wonder if others would join in…

  1. Makes North Texas seem undiscovered…nice. Chris, I can’t help but think you are the perfect candidate to take up birding. Perfect level of nerdiness and fit with cycling/coffeeneuring, etc. As an avid birder, I can only imagine what you have seen that you haven’t really SEEN. God wrapped it all up in birds and most people ignore them just as they ignore the other small and flitting blessings in their lives. I will direct you to the ultimate cycling birding nerd here:


    • PERFECT! Thanks for the GPS education and tips. Compared to my last trip out to Bowie, this one minimized my attention to navigation and maximized my sight-seeing opportunities. I’m not very interested in my stats (a little, perhaps), but the ability to ride in a place I’ve never been, with lots of turns, and has unreliable signage, without spending so much time stressing about my route is a major step forward in my cyclotouring pleasure.

  2. Chris, total envy that you had the opportunity to ride on so much dirt for two days! The images of the town (Bowie?) look like they were lifted from the “Last Picture Show”. Wonderful stuff! Glad you had nice weather too.

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