When It Rains…Plan


It seems that several tiny adventures, spaced through the year, seem to work out better for me than trying to plan and execute something major. If I can figure a plan to make it work with one of my wife’s activities, all the better.

If the roads dry out in time, I’m hoping to spend two days riding gravel/dirt backroads from my house up to Wichita Falls, Texas. The plan is to ride the first day to Bowie, Texas and spend one night in a cheap, but decent, hotel next to a fantastic cafe.  Then ride up to Wichita Falls the second day and meet-up with my wife (and some of her dogs) who is driving up for a dog agility trial competition. Hopefully, I’ll get there in time to watch her dogs run. Either way, she’ll bring me and my bike back (and the dogs) home in her vehicle.


Assuming the weather will cooperate with me, I just installed my front low-rider rack.  So I have (more than) plenty of capacity for my necessities and few luxuries for two days. Roughly, 120 miles of rugged and remote roads, with a warm shower and bed in the middle. Now, this weekend’s rain must END, and the roads must DRY quickly.

If not, I plan something else.

8 thoughts on “When It Rains…Plan

    • Thanks! I’m trying to be flexible, but have been planning this “joint” event for months. So my heart is in it, and it will be a little disappointing for it to fall apart.

      • Yes, the Quickbeam would be fine for the tour. But it is the high-clay content gravel roads that I’m worried about. If it doesn’t stop raining and dry out soon (like today!), no bike I have will be able to avoid the instant clay build-up and grind to a complete stop. With luck, I’ll have Monday-Thursday for drying before an early morning roll-out. That might do it.

  1. Chris, the low rider rack and your Rambler look made for each other!
    Is it a Tubus? Hope the weather cooperates. Sounds like a beautiful ride.

    • Yes, this is a Tubus Tara and it fits perfectly. I keep being impressed how well the design of this frameset matches what I what to do with it. The funny thing is that I did a quick packing list for my Wichita Falls trip (if it happens) and it appears that my (also fantastic) new Swift Industries bag can carry it all. The rack might come off for this trip, and used another time when I need more cargo capacity.

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