Trials & Misadventures


It wasn’t as negative, or as epic, as the title might suggest. In fact, it was a good outing overall.

The “trials” part of the title refers to the part of the morning I spent with Mrs. Pondero, and her dogs, at an agility trial class. They compete in a sport called dog agility, and that takes lots of training, conditioning, and practice. Today I was able to watch them prepare. My wife and her dogs are impressive. The communication and teamwork demonstrate a bond that is physically exciting and emotionally heartwarming.

Her veteran’s name is Ferris Bueller, and his name couldn’t be more fitting.  He’s a goof-ball and a show-off.


Her up-and-coming’s name is Oliver. He’s up for anything outside.  Even running, climbing, jumping, and weaving. I think he might make a great camping companion.


Neither of these dogs were bred for this. They are both rescue dogs, and they perform brilliantly because Mrs. Pondero is a genius who forms a special bond with them.


The “misadventures” part of the title refers to what happened at the end of class. I left on the bicycle to ride a 30+ mile route back home. The objective was to learn how to use my new Garmin 200 navigation toy. I learned on my Bowie tour back in August that many of the roads I want to use for touring do not have road signs. So I’m learning how to use a new device to reduce future navigation failures. Today’s lesson included several “what-not-to-do” topics. There were a few frustrations, misunderstandings, and misadventures.  Fortunately, however, by the time I arrived home, I think I got it figured out. So bring on those open roads with no traffic, no mileage markers, and no road signs. Bring on miles and miles of rural Texas roads.

2 thoughts on “Trials & Misadventures

  1. Hi Chris,
    The ability of ‘rescue’ dogs, particularly their ability to love is remarkable indeed.
    Glad y’all had fun with the training.

    I think you can outdo Garmins – I have firsthand data based on the Mineral Wells tour to prove that!

    Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!
    Peace 🙂

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