Ramble 2015 Long Range Forecast

blog postA Rambler for the Ramble?

A lot can change between now and then. But, as of today, the 10-day forecast for the Seventh Annual Fall Finale Fifty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble is…PERFECT.

This year’s route will be the same as last year…EXCEPT I plan for us to travel in the opposite direction. As last year, we’ll have the 50-mile and 35-mile loop options, but we’ll ride them “backwards” as compared to last year. As Ronnie Bryant brilliantly assessed, this approach allows for folks to arrive in Greenwood around lunchtime to take advantage of their fantastic burgers.

For those interested, here are RideWithGPS links to the two loop options…

50-mile loop

35-mile loop

If you are coming, but haven’t already let me know, please contact me. It would be a stretch to say I’m organized, but I at least think a little about logistics.

8 thoughts on “Ramble 2015 Long Range Forecast

  1. Good Morning Chris, Does the 35 mile loop also take you to the Greenwood Grocer (?) (burger place). I don’t want to miss out on the burgers in the event we choose to do the 35 mile loop instead of the 50! Luis Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 13:58:49 +0000 To: cuban65@hotmail.com

    • Unfortunately, like last year, the 35-mile loop (although enjoyable) misses Rosston and Greenwood. However, after doing a quick check, it appears you could do a sort of “in between loop” that involves about 3 miles of backtracking which would result in a hair under 45 miles. Using this option, Greenwood would be at approximately mile 26-27. Because of the 3-mile backtrack, I’ve never thought of doing it this way, but it really is a pretty good option. I don’t plan on making this an official option this year, but I’ll work with you privately if you’d like to navigate that one yourself. It would be fairly simple.

  2. Thanks Pondero/Chris and your wife, Janet, for hosting another great Ramble! We enjoyed the breakfast tacos, the 58 route (extra 8 added on by Ronnie B) and even the lunch stop at Greenwood Grocery. Good times. Tell Janet that we ate some of her honey this morning for breakfast. Look forward to seeing the photos that you took of the ride.

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