New Project Bike 2015

I’m not a huge bicycle tinkerer, but I do tend to think plenty about how to gain even more enjoyment out of my time on two wheels. That leads to buying new parts and accessories from time to time. Sometimes it leads to building up a new bike.

Mrs. Pondero and I were out organizing the garage recently. Actually, she was organizing and I was mostly standing around looking at stuff wondering where it all came from. Occasionally, I’d exclaim, “There it is!”

You know how it is. After awhile, you stumble across a few select loose bicycle parts laying around, and your mind begins to see a complete bicycle taking shape. You can see how everything fits together perfectly. You can visualize the final product.  Its glorious and it only needs a key select part here and there to make it a reality. It won’t even be all that expensive because, hey, you’ve already got a great head start right out of your parts bin!

So now that you understand where I’m coming from on this year’s project bike, and since I’ve made such quick progress, I’d like to go ahead and show you where I am on my project so far…

project bike

As my father-in-law used to say, “All I have to do…is finish up!”

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