Just a Few Details


A small single-prop airplane, purring like a kitten, sneaks up behind me in the dark.


Tiny pebbles, tossed by knobby tires, land on the brim of my straw hat, rolling and rattling like pool table balls in a track from the pocket to the gathering end.


Other pebbles, tossed into my sandals, gather there until I tilt my foot, flap my heel, and pour them out like gravel out of a dump truck bed.


Like a diligent bartender shining shot glasses, I wipe the gravel dust off the inside of my enamel mug with a bandanna.


Sitting at the picnic table sipping freshly-brewed coffee, remembering the good times like a lonely old man in a rural diner.


Beads of sweat accumulate on the back of my wrists, and sparkle like dew drops on early morning grass.


The back half of the side slit in my MUSA shorts flaps in the breeze like a friendly wave.


10 thoughts on “Just a Few Details

  1. “Sitting at the picnic table sipping freshly-brewed coffee, remembering the good times like a lonely old man in a rural diner.” Yup sums it up for me reflecting on good ole’ adventures…thanks Chris for your prose.

    • Ronnie, I have been thinking about it. That’s what I do when it is so hot. This is unofficial, but highly probable…Saturday, November, 14. I’ll try to get this verified and confirmed soon, and then send out a more formal announcement. I’m pleased that you join us each year!

      • Hi Chris: I unsubscribed after this post, and I wanted to explain. I had previously moved the Pondero posts from my old AOL account to my new Outlook account. By unsubscribing, I’m just killing the duplication. I sure didn’t want you to think I didn’t like your last post. ~Keith

      • Thanks for the considerate note. I have just assumed that plenty of folks would come and go as their free time or interests change, and I don’t take unsubscribers personally. In fact, I don’t really even check the stats very often, and only then as a matter of curiosity. That said, it is good to know there are folks who seem to enjoy some the same things I do.

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