Golden Hour


The morning attempt at getting out in the cool of the day didn’t work out.  Sometimes that happens.


Fortunately, early evening provided a second opportunity.

I had an hour for an out-n-back on my most local gravel road.  I shared it with the raging cicadas, wispy clouds, and some deer in the low-land shades, and I made cartoonish looking shadows in the road.


I watched the sunset from a ridgetop as it turned the grasstips to gold.

On the way back, I saw a raccoon family presumably shaking the sleep from their eyes and marching to breakfast.  When I dropped into the trees lining Clear Creek, neon green flashing spots of lightening bugs (fireflies, if you aren’t from around here) speckled the darkness.

Near the end, I turned back and saw the last of another blazing hot Texas summer day crawling over the western horizon.


3 thoughts on “Golden Hour

  1. Your description of the evening is almost poetic, Chris. I found relaxation in just reading it. Nice way to start my morning. Thanks.

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