Summer Music


Some people enjoy listening to music while bicycling.  So do I.



  • steady rhythm of breathing
  • bird song melody
  • castanet clatter of cicadas
  • snap, crackle, pop of tires on gravel
  • hot tar stickiness of tires on a pavement
  • rattling, swishing of leaves in trees
  • throaty bass of an idling tractor
  • orchestral complexity of every sound together



  • steady roar like a never ending wave crash
  • hat band ends and shirt sleeves snapping and popping like a cracking bullwhip
  • and almost nothing else


I don’t bring it with me.  I don’t wire it to my ears.  It’s out there, and I ride right through it.


10 thoughts on “Summer Music

  1. You sir are a poet! Even though I’ve considered adding some kind of music to my riding I just don’t feel compelled to do it…. In fact riding is one of the few times I relish having no other ‘soundtrack’ but that of the trail I’m on.

  2. I listen to the same sound track whether I’m riding a bicycle or hiking through the Northern woods where I live. Well, except for the cicadas. Not many of those here. It’s never crossed my mind to block out all those wonderful sounds with ear buds stuck in my ears.

  3. This month is so beautiful in both photos and writing that I cannot leave the page. I keep savoring the photos and the words. Chris, you might consider a book sometime in your future. Although the blog must go on!

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