Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour 2015 – Day Two

1Day two of the LPTST was vastly different for me than last year.  Since main riding buddy, Steve (above), was ill last year, I spent much of the second day riding solo.  Since I didn’t know about the various alternate routes, I tended to stay on the main route along the lake.  The main route is fine and includes many great views of the water, but the alternates offer more elevation variation, challenge, and much less traffic.  This year I had two riding buddies, Steve and Shawn, we took the roads less traveled, and it (as the saying goes) made all the difference.

I intended a smaller number of “highlight” photos, and I actually edited many out.  But this post is still photo heavy because these images evoke too many happy thoughts to omit.

IMG_9120Early in the day, happy to be on low traffic roads, and before any major climbs

IMG_9123Climbs looming in the distance

IMG_9126 Three-speedin’ through the green

IMG_9128 Shawn seems to always climb with a great attitude

IMG_9131 Steve climbing up through high humidity air

IMG_9132 IMG_9134 After the initial steep climb to the plateau, the roads wound left and right and the going was somewhat easier

IMG_9138 It was quite blustery up top, mostly tailwind, and we rolled on just out of reach of the rain showers

IMG_9143 IMG_9144 Pausing to admire a view of  Lake Pepin…way down there

IMG_9146 The interesting variation in old barns is impossible to describe, we loved riding by them all day and admiring them

IMG_9150 Using the tree as a wind block for our stoves at the Lake City brew-up

IMG_9153 IMG_9154 Just ride…until its time to stop for tea (or coffee)

IMG_9155 Hanging out lakeside with my lollygagging buddies

IMG_9157 You’ll have to take my word that its a Bald Eagle.  We don’t see these where I come from, so it was a thrill for me.

IMG_9161 IMG_9166 IMG_9167 IMG_9168 Jon, the Shirt Tail Organizer, leaves Lake City on a lovely tandem.  He had a stoker on the first day.

IMG_9171 Ahhh…empty gravel roads, just like back home…well, not exactly

IMG_9172 IMG_9173 IMG_9175 IMG_9178 Last year there was an old one lane bridge here.  This year, the wide, new monstrosity was much less pleasant to the eyes.  But we used it as re-grouping place anyway.

IMG_9179 IMG_9183 The traditional Frontenac wall gathering and photo-op.

IMG_9185 You don’t see the Dursley-Pederson bicycle every day.  Hmmm…maybe I try a bow tie next time…

IMG_9187 IMG_9189 Top of wall view

IMG_9190 IMG_9194 This Hill Avenue alternate route is as pretty as they come

IMG_9197 IMG_9198 IMG_9202 Don’t let this fancy dressed lady fool you…she is a strong rider.

IMG_9207 While pretty, Hill Avenue does include one challenging climb.  Although this isn’t the hardest part, its still much steeper than it looks in the photo.

IMG_9212 Noel, in many ways, is the heart and soul of this tour.  I want to ride like this man when I’m his age.  Everyone loves Noel.

IMG_9213 IMG_9214 IMG_9216 IMG_9218 Flower Valley Road is a long, gradual uphill which included (yes) wildflowers blooming all along the way.

IMG_9219After this came the rushing descent into Red Wing, and the bittersweet end of the LPTST for another year.  For three of us, however, there was more three speed touring ahead.  I’ll speak to that in my next post.

17 thoughts on “Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour 2015 – Day Two

  1. Chris:

    “Photo heavy” is good; no disclaimer needed. Spare prose & lush pictures tell an excellent tale. That group sure looks like they have fun.


  2. Keep your eyes open when you get to home dirt. We have bald eagles here in North Texas, and there are probably some on Ray Roberts. I saw one last year on White Rock Lake. They are making a strong comeback lately. I saw another on the Houston Ship Channel. Last year Dorian Anderson set a record for number of birds seen using no fossil fuels. He cycled across the United States and I followed his Blog daily as I’m a birder/biker.
    PS. I just discovered there is a whole sub-culture of cycling amateur radio enthusiasts. Seems like cycling is a gateway drug to Nerdiness….who knew?

    • Thanks, Bob, I might have interest if (a) my wife didn’t read this blog, and (b) it were smaller. For the record, I’m not interested in buying more bikes. Off the record, however,…

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