Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour 2015 – Bikes

IMG_8990I was fortunate enough to participate in my second consecutive Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour this year. The link provides a more complete description of the event itself. I’ll use this post (plus two more) to provide a few highlights. This post is simply a photo dump of many of the bikes used by tour participants. These photos will also provide some indication of the dress and assorted baggage used by those of us (nutters of the realm) odd enough to spend a weekend celebrating simplicity.

These were taken at the gathering place prior to the roll-out. Even though this was only my second time here, it was good to see and visit with friends made last year. Once we spent a few seconds reminding one another of names, we picked up the conversation and had a grand time anticipating the adventure before us. What would be a more positive foreshadowing than the aroma of steel, canvas, wicker, tweed, and tea?

The next two posts will include highlights of each of the two days of touring. The big difference this year is the alternate routes we used.  These alternate routes provided a more challenging, enjoyable, and scenic version of the tour this year. Hopefully, the few photos I select will illustrate the visual highlights well. IMG_8988 IMG_8989 IMG_8991 IMG_8992 IMG_8995 IMG_8996 IMG_8997 IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9000 IMG_9001 IMG_9002 IMG_9003 IMG_9004 IMG_9005 IMG_9006 IMG_9007 IMG_9008 IMG_9009 IMG_9010 IMG_9011 IMG_9012 IMG_9013 IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9016 IMG_9017 IMG_9018 IMG_9019 IMG_9020 IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_9023 IMG_9024 IMG_9025 IMG_9026 IMG_9030

10 thoughts on “Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour 2015 – Bikes

    • Great point about dogs in wicker baskets. Perhaps the riders were more interested in picnic lunches than live cargo. Yeah, I know, hard to believe.

  1. I must agree with Mrs. Pondero, a dachshund for instance would have have rounded things out nicely. Chris fun to see how folks setup their three speeds. Looks like a bunch of classy folks. Thanks!

    • It was great fun chatting with folks…some real interesting characters, and all encouraging one another to enjoy their own approaches to the tour experience. Nice environment.

    • As you might see in future posts, we used our three speed IGHs for fully loaded touring after this event was over. They work fine! Enjoy your tour!

  2. It’s really great to see more drop bar three speeds out there. Last year I think there were just three of us. In particular, that Hobbs is very interesting – I’d love to know more about that bike! Cheers, and here’s hoping I get to see you all out there on next year’s ride.

    • Although I was on my un-authentic three speed Quickbeam, I did opt for drops this year. The Hobbs was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I failed to track down any details for you (headslap). Since Shawn took almost the same photo, maybe he knows more about this one than me.

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