Fixed Wheel Fitness


In which I find that using a bicycle for riding to places to sit, drink coffee, and eat donuts for the last several months does NOT tend to maintain fitness.


Hypnotizing. Simple. Addicting. Connected. Hard. Humbling. Fun.

All in…One. Fixed. Cog.

10 thoughts on “Fixed Wheel Fitness

  1. 1. Your fender line on the QB is better than anything I cooked up. Think problem was using metal instead of plastic.
    2. You came to the same conclusion as well. Easy rolls and donuts w/coffee do not create fitness. Enjoyment yes, but not fitness.

    • Thanks for the fender praise. I struggle mightily with fenders, and think in this case the acceptability is a huge freak coincidence.

      Just returned from riding the QB in 20-30mph wind, did anyone save me a donut?

  2. Hey, what if you took a couple donuts and place one on each side of the handlebar and did curls. You know…like dough-bells. More donuts more…weight…no that doesn’t sound right.

    Long time lurker. Couldn’t resist. Ha! Love your blog. And donuts.

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