January 2015 S24O


Fortunate is the man who takes advantage of the rare favorable-conditions-plus-opportunity combination.


Just starting out…in short sleeves.  How about that?


Just arrived at the same campsite used for the Christmas Eve overnighter. It was a fine spot.


Walking along the water’s edge in the afternoon sun makes the low lake level obvious.


It’s the lake headwaters, but there once was a lot more water.


The path from my campsite to the lake.


Approaching boaters.


Exploring the channel flowing into the lake on a warm, sunny day in January looked like great fun.


Typical hobo slobbiness.


There were several flashes of green highlighted against a backdrop of shadows.


Pink in the east showing the last of the light after sundown.


So it was time for a campfire, and some dinner.


I crawled out of a comfortable, cozy, and warm hammock just in time to load up my breakfast and coffee gear, pedal to the eastern side of the peninsula, and see the sun rise over the water.


Golden light thick and sweet like a molasses blanket.


Coffee clutter.


Almost a boil.


Mockingbird plumpness.


Morning obsession.


Aeropress fits this mug better than my Kleen Kanteen, but doesn’t insulate as well on chilly mornings. So this was a transfer tool today.


One of the great pleasures of waking up outside; coffee, crisp air, and quiet.  Okay, three great pleasures.


A short ride around the park before packing up.


Returning home.

IMG_7813Almost home, same location as the second photo.

11 thoughts on “January 2015 S24O

  1. You’re certainly being fortunate with the weather this year and well done for taking advantage of it. I’m scraping ice off the car every morning but your posts are inspiring me to get the bike out.

  2. I have a combination of jealous of/happy for you to be able to make these little outings, in January.

    Two things I am looking forward to:

    1. The return of warm weather/green trees. This is a normal thing for me, this time of year.

    2. The ability to get back on the bike. The busted rib has kept me out of the saddle for much too long!

    • The Internet has revealed several of my friends missing action due to injuries recently. You guys are creeping me out. I hope you can get back in action even before the season change.

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