Greenwood Loop and Brewup


Photos pretty much tell the story by themselves, and I’ll let them do that momentarily.

As a preface, it was one of my favorite loops I call the Greenwood Loop. It is about 48 miles long and is generally southwest of my house. It includes multiple long stretches of gravel, separated by rough chip-seal county roads. Today, after a period of rainfall, there was a lot of recently “maintained” gravel sections with fresh, loose, chunky stuff. It was a bit slow going in spots. The sun looked and felt great after many days of gray, and the wind was strong. Except the wind was not strong down in low-lying Greenwood which was an ideal spot to brew up some fresh coffee. It was pre-dawn start, which is quite unusual for me in winter.

To Mrs. Pondero’s disappointment, I didn’t get photos of the pack of Chihuahuas that gave chase, the pair of Border Collies that attempted to herd me somewhere, or the lonely All American that followed me a few miles, crossed a (relatively) busy state highway, and finally fell too far behind.

Besides the negligent omission of canine photos to tell the whole story, the rest of the outing looked a lot like this…

IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7585 IMG_7596 IMG_7600 IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7606 IMG_7610 IMG_7618 IMG_7627 IMG_7636 IMG_7643 IMG_7647 IMG_7652 IMG_7655 IMG_7659 IMG_7661 IMG_7665 IMG_7666 IMG_7670 IMG_7671 IMG_7673 IMG_7675 IMG_7676

22 thoughts on “Greenwood Loop and Brewup

    • I know practically nothing about knobby tires. I bought these used mainly for fatness and looks. They seem to work pretty well on gravel roads. That “perfect do-it-all tire” quest is quite a quest.

  1. In motorcycle school, they teach dog evasion. The principles are the same on a bike except you have a lot less power. Stay tuned for after I get back from NOLA.

  2. Enlyed the Bialetti espresso pot photos (we are longtime fans; little big-nosed Italian character has long since worn off). You are the quintessential brew-up cycling fiend. Happy 2015.

  3. Once again great pics of bikes, scenery and coffee. Pondero thanks for reminding us even though it’s winter it’s worth getting out. Jim

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