As usual, I’m obsessing about the weather for Saturday’s Ramble.  I want my guests to have a good time.

Compared to a couple of days ago, the chance of rain in the long range forecast has been reduced from 50-60% to 20%.  So that’s encouraging.  Also, it’s much better than last year’s situation that included muddy, messy roads before the event.

So chin up, Ramblers!

11 thoughts on “Weather

    • Hey, Ronnie, just guessing here…but based on my experience smelling the breakfast cooking at Greenwood, they just might. Rosston, is a coin toss, maybe (probably?) not…

  1. Hi I was directed to your ride via Eric Welborn, I would like to join you guys and I live in Denton Tx. Could you give me directions to your place?


  2. Great day on the bike yesterday. Today 24F. Brrr! Sunday evening/night accumulating snow. I’ll miss you guys (gals?). I hope you all have a great Ramble!!!!

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