More ‘sploring


It was one of those forehead slap moments, when I realized there was a whole section in one of my local State Parks that I haven’t explored.


So I set out early Saturday morning to see if I could find a nice new camping spot…or a spot for future coffee brew-ups.



I did a fair amount of off road exploring and singletrack.


I saw forested areas, open meadows, lake shore views.


I found a lot of empty and quiet.

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

And I did, if fact, find a nice place to camp.


It had plenty of trees for hammock hanging, and a nice down slope view of an open meadow.


So I practiced a micro-camp set-up to imagine what it might be like in a few weeks with cooler, more ideal, camping weather.

15 16 17

Then I packed up and did a little more exploring in other areas.


In addition to my coffee, I also brought lunch to extend my outing.


I had more time AND more fuel.  That translates into more mellow singletrack for the country bike.


In the end, I made my way back to a favorite lake overlook.


There I had my lunch, another round of coffee, and more breezy hammock time.

22 23The long range weather forecast suggests a possibility of cooler temperatures next weekend.  I might be able to try the new spot sooner than I imagined.



15 thoughts on “More ‘sploring

    • We aren’t at the top of any tourist destination sights, and rightly so, I suppose. I’m not aware of anyone making a cycling pilgrimage out to Denton County, Texas. But if you are in the neighborhood for any reason, there are some pleasant enough places to be and see. And we’re friendly.

  1. So, let’s say that one were to fly down there for the ramble… What is the closest airport? Would a rental car be a necessity? Room in the back yard for a tent (or on the couch for a bum)?

    • You’d probably fly to DFW, and it is about an hour away by car. For the purpose of planning this early, assume rent car. However, if scheduling falls into place, I’d be happy swing by as a part of my crazy commute. Too early to tell on that now.

      Regarding place to stay, our beds are limited but we might have one…or a couch…or floor space…or six acres of prairie outside. We’d be happy to have you.

    • Thanks, Bike Hermit, for your highlights and for what you do. I don’t usually show photos of some of the less scenic views I pass through to arrive at my favorite spots, but there are some nice areas (as well as huge geographic variation) in Texas.

  2. Hi Pondero, even though wordpress says I’m following you I don’t get any email alerts so I had a very pleasant evening reading through your recent blogs which I missed. lovely ‘bicycley’ photo’s and it just goes to show lovely places can always be found from the seat of a bicycle…..

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