Exploring Eisenhower State Park


The forecast for today was HOT. Not wanting to spend several hours pedaling around and enduring the heat, I decided today would be best spent exploring future bike camping opportunities. It will cool down one day, and when it does, a wise man is prepared with places to go. Maybe Eisenhower State Park could work.


I spent the first hour plus driving my pickup north and east toward Lake Texoma, which is a wide spot in the Red River and the border between Texas and Oklahoma. The bike, hammock, and coffee supplies came along to make exploration more fun.


A lovely picnic area served as my base of operations. The truck was parked there and I set out to explore by bicycle.


In the vicinity of the State Park, the lake is surrounded by steep rocky dropoffs to the water’s edge. This beach was one exception and appeared to be a popular water access location.


I mostly explored the park roads, and sought out potential camping spots for future fall or winter camping. But I also found a few trails. Those near the lake shore were steep enough to require steps.


The relative high ground around the lake made for pleasant views of the massive lake.


I paused here to wave and say “howdy” to our neighbors on the other side in Oklahoma.


I found some singletrack…

IMG_6217 IMG_6219

I pedaled some and pushed a little.


After convincing myself that this place is worth a future visit, I was satisfied to head back to base camp.


There were plenty of shady and breezy spots for a hammock hang.


It was time to practice my craft as a leisure specialist.

IMG_6246 IMG_6260

Finally, a coffee brew-up to round out the experience.

IMG_6273 IMG_6287 IMG_6288 zI didn’t get many pedaling miles today. It was almost like an appetizer and I’m hungry for more. But I avoided heat punishment and prepared myself for cooler days. Ideal camping days are coming and it is very good to ready.


5 thoughts on “Exploring Eisenhower State Park

    • We’ll get a puff of slightly cooler air in late September to take the edge off. October usually has a couple of stronger cool fronts blow through, and November is when the magic of Fall happens.

  1. Never ridden around there, but driven by this lake.
    Very scenic.
    Winter camping in Texas – can be a lot of fun.
    I remember one or two myself.
    Can’t wait to read the future reports of camping.
    Peace 🙂

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