Sixth Annual Ramble Date

IMG_3040ANNOUNCEMENT – Major schedule change for the Sixth Annual Fall Finale Forty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble.

The 2014 version of the Ramble will be held on Saturday, November 15. This annual event has been traditionally held in mid December, usually at the end of Fall, on the Saturday before the winter solstice. I have learned, however, that optimum rambling conditions usually occurs in mid November here in northwest Denton County. So I’m trading tradition for what I hope to be a prettier and more comfortable ride for my guests.

Here are a few links to help describe what this is all about…

Version 2013 – Tough weather, low turnout

Version 2012 – Great weather, great group

Version 2011 – The original route

I hope you veterans will block out the day on your calendar, and help me get the news of the date shift out to your friends. I have some ideas for other event enhancements that I’ll detail later.  I’ll also have more information to help new folks decide whether to participate. For now, the message is “save the date”.  Oh yeah, and it is free, starts/ends at my house northwest of Sanger, Texas, and all are invited.

It’s typical August hot out there and I’m planning for the cooler air we usually enjoy on the Annual Fall Finale Forty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble.  Join me!



10 thoughts on “Sixth Annual Ramble Date

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  3. I’ve done this ride twice before. Great ride. I’m meeting Ronnie & Nanette at the start. What’s your address so I can enter it in my car’s Garmin?

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