“A Good Stout Horse Between My Knees”


a glorious early August morning

I wish I was more clever. Then I’d be able to add background music for this post. If I could do that, it would be the Marshall Tucker Band’s song, Desert Skies. When I get away for an overnight camping trip, pedaling along and hanging out at camp feels like this song to me. So, if you’ve plenty of time, you might want to click that link, and play it in the background while you scroll through a few photos from my latest S24O. Listen for the title of this post in the lyrics.


a setting sun makes the opposite bank glow


all set up and ready for dinner


an oasis of shade trees


straw hat satisfaction


predawn light


contrast in texture and color


fiery sky


relaxing water view


spider hammock


lakeside gold


looking out, or looking in?


okay, perfect, time for breakfast






camp lounge lollygagging


new life


time to pack up

19pondering my good fortune

21 thoughts on ““A Good Stout Horse Between My Knees”

  1. When one looks up the definition for “S24O” they should be directed to this posting! Beautiful photographs and I really enjoyed the views through the skeeter net!

    • Thanks, Steve, I was thinking this weekend that my little place out here on the prairie doesn’t compare well to places most folks consider scenic, but it isn’t horrible. I guess the same could be said about my version of the S24O.

  2. Ahhh, that was wonderful. I waited to Sunday morning to view with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. I took my time, sipped my coffee, stopped at each picture…..and pondered. The music, matched with this post, was magical. Thank you.

  3. Great report. I especially like the coffee scenes and the spider hammock.
    Walked into a whole bunch of spider webs during our strolls yesterday.
    No spider bites – a plus, I reckon!
    Peace 🙂

    • Thanks, Chandra. I couldn’t help think in terms of a hammock when I saw this web in a horizontal configuration…especially, since I’d just spent several comfortable hours in one.

    • Thanks, Tim, it was quite a relaxing little trip, and one that leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Funny thing about the spider hammock photo…I spotted when the sun was barely above the horizon, and stood around for a while waiting for the sun to get high enough to make the web glow in the light. I didn’t know water drops could be so small.

  4. Marshall Tucker! I had Fire on the Mountain in my head the other day and for the life of me I couldn’t remember who did it. Most excellent post.

    • Thanks for the note, Tony. My rides have definitely evolved over the decades. I’ve swapped racing intensity for touring relaxation. Enjoy the thrill for now while you are young and strong, and look forward to a whole new dimension of fun to come!

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