Single Cup of Coffee Survival


My posterior was only inches above the grass, and the hand of the wind rocked my hammock back and forth like a mother’s hand on a cradle. The leaves of the mesquite tree flittered in early light with long shadows reaching toward the southwest. As my eyes studied the knarled bark on the tree, their lids surrendered to the lullaby and dropped shut.


Planning a sunrise breakfast in a cool lake breeze, I had rolled out at 5am. In such perfect conditions and contentment, a short nap seemed the logical next step.


I arrived a few minutes before the sun came up and found a lonely spot in a picnic area with a couple of nicely spaced trees.


It proved to be a pleasant spot to prepare breakfast, brew some coffee, and practice some advanced hammock lounging.


It was the first time I’ve tried to fry eggs on the Trangia stove. I need to work on my technique and presentation, but they tasted pretty good.


Since I brought enough fixins for more than just coffee (and Pop Tarts, of course), my table was a delightful mess.


Fortunately, the hammock trees and picnic table were oriented perfectly to allow me to set up my tarp so that it provided shade on the only side I needed shade…and I had perfect lake-cooled ventilation.


Since I didn’t plan well and ran out of fuel, I had to settle for a single cup of coffee. But, as you know from reading this blog, I’m quite a rugged fellow, well-acquainted with hardship. Yes, it was a fearsome situation and panic almost got the best of me, but I managed to survive it.


So I had me some paved roads, gravel roads, several miles of pedaling in the dark, breakfast outside at dawn, and a short hammock nap. I conquered the north Texas summer heat. I managed to do all that and make it home before lunch on a single cup of coffee. Epic, dude.


15 thoughts on “Single Cup of Coffee Survival

  1. Rugged, indeed! At least you had coffee; I forgot a part to my Aeropress on my last excursion and had to do without! As the saying goes…”haste makes for no coffee” (or something like that). Enjoyed the tale of your latest adventure!

  2. Wow. To get up and ride before sunrise is no mean feat! What a cool idea too – pardon the pun. Cooking breakfast, instead of dinner, lounging for a nap instead of overnight. It seems like you are perfecting summertime bike camping and capturing cool moments of solitude.

  3. That’s a neat idea. I need to learn “camp cooking” and that seems a low risk way of learning. Even if I messed up entirely, I wouldn’t be going to bed hungry. This got the wheels turning, thanks!

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