S24O – The Buddy Upgrade


As compared to some of my recent S24O outings, this one was a definite upgrade. The key element was the presence of long time friend, Michael Stallings.


I probably would have let this weekend slip through my fingers, but he proposed the trip and basically made it  happen.


Since he drove his truck to the camp site, he also took the initiative to bring firewood and grilling food. My normal evening meal is finger food I stuff in my bag. Oh yeah, he cooked. All I had to do sit back and enjoy the view in one of the camp chairs he brought.


It is obvious, but should be stated outright anyway…since I normally do these outings solo, I had a buddy this time to share the experience. Upgrade.


He arrived at the park before me and selected the site.  If you read my previous account, In Search of a Breeze, you might remember that I sometimes make poor camp spot choices. He nailed it with this beautiful shady and breezy spot.


I’ve known him for several years, but we haven’t spent much time together lately. It was a general life upgrade to catch up on all the family news, and compare spiritual ponderings.

IMG_5259 IMG_5261 IMG_5263 IMG_5265 IMG_5267Once fueled by breakfast, and energized by catch-up conversation, we packed up and did some riding. We cruised the park a while and ended up on some easy single track in the woods (how did I not get photos on the trails?!). When we parted, I still had an hour and a half ride back home to reflect on how much difference a buddy can make.  Best S24O of the year…so far.


2 thoughts on “S24O – The Buddy Upgrade

  1. Well spoken and photographed! Yes, I agree, sharing these experiences with a good friend is a definite upgrade.

  2. Fantastic! Always great to catch up with an old friend. Mingled with cycling, I can’t see nothing but copious amounts of joy!

    Well done, Chris.

    Peace 🙂

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