Open for Business


I have decided to use this blog to make a major career announcement. I’ve been pondering this for quite awhile, but the Texas economy seems to be improving and I’m ready to make a decision. After so many years working for someone else, I’ve decided to open my own business. It’s a big step and I’m not ready to quit my day job, so I’ll start small and cautiously, working this new venture in my spare time. Even so, I’m very excited to hang my shingle and start my new consulting business.

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Pondero, Leisure Consultant

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As this big decision was being thoroughly pondered, I reviewed a few of my prior blog posts. I evaluated my skills and wondered whether I could be good enough. But as I lay in my hammock today, I felt that lake shore breeze flow between my toes. It put me in that delightful state of mind that is perfectly relaxed with no hint of boredom. That’s when it hit me…I’m really, really good at this. Please forgive my boldness, but…truly…I have a talent that must be shared with the world. Basically, its an obligation to society.


So I’m Pondero, Leisure Consultant, specializing in bikes, hammocks, and coffee outside.

Leave me a message, and I’ll respond back…whenever I get around to it.

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25 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. Need a business card? I could come up with a svelte design, one that reflects a man of intense leisure. Coffee colored paper with a graphic of your signature hat? Yes, that it.

  2. Congratulations on your new endeavor. Have you accumulated the 10,000 hours to master the craft, as mentioned in one of the Malcolm Gladwell books? Years ago, one of my touring buds retired after 30+ years as an engineer with a city, and had cards printed up with the title “Leisure Engineer.”

  3. Trying to decide whether your new mission should or should not encompass a social media aspect. Does it stop being leisure at that point? That said, if you do need a social media presence, I think I have positive qualities to offer.

    • I’ve seen your blog posts, yes, you definitely have positive qualities to offer.

      Let’s see I’ve got a blog and Instagram presence, should my social media presence be expanded?

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