New Route with Friends

1In which I change back to drop bars, make-do with scrap bar tape, and do my longest ride of 2014 so far…

2I met up with my friends on Chisum Road not far from my house. It started a little brisk, but we had to shed layers as the day warmed up.


Nanette. It’s nice to have a lady along. She adds a certain level of class that is missing when it is only guys.


Rick and Ronnie. Ideal gravel travel companions.


I joined them for just over 60 miles of their 70 mile route.


It was in my normal riding territory, but included a section that I hadn’t seen before.


So now I have another east/west metric century route option. I really like metric century route options.


I seem to have no ability to ride past this barn without snapping a photo.


Big shady trees in some places, and big, wide-open and windy treeless hilltops in others.


We don’t have anything like mountains around here, but if you ride west of my house the land does get a little more bumpy.


So a little more climbing today than I’ve done in months.


For Peter who requested photos of Texas longhorn cattle. I’m not sure this one qualifies, but it was the best candidate in today’s ride.


When you have an outing with friends on this kind of terrain, you’ve had a good day.


I think she is ALWAYS smiling.


I think it was somewhere along here where I pondered how early I’d need to get started to survive this route in the summer. Would an hour and a half before sunrise be sufficient?

16It felt good to be back on the drops again. But that interim scrap tape job is a bit unsightly. Hopefully, I’ll get some fresh tape soon.

8 thoughts on “New Route with Friends

  1. Well, if even if that’s not a longhorn, it sure has long horns! Looks like spring-like weather, and empty roads. That would be a load of fun. I too am fiddling with bars on my Atlantis, to deal with some hand issues. On my second set of flat bars & only mileage will give the answer.

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