simplifyAfter last Saturday’s bail-out, there has been an entire week of gravel ramble craving. Since most of my rides are Saturday outings, I often go several consecutive days with no ride at all. The anticipation of each Saturday morning is pleasurable and an important part of the bicycling experience. But the missed opportunity from last weekend still haunts me, and I’ve been anticipating tomorrow even more than usual. Uncertainty lingers, and I wonder if I’ll be able to finally follow-through with my plan.

Turning my glance to the corner of the room, I see my bike leaning against the window. It appears more ready than me, impatiently still. I find my camera and charge the battery. Then I rummage through my bag to make sure my coffee gear inventory is still complete. It’s like a light appetizer before a hearty meal. Stepping through the mental checklist and handling each impliment, is temporarily satisfying while focusing the appetite.

I keep checking the weather forecast, and search for more resolve with each deteriorating report.

My typical winter outings are in warmer weather. I wonder if I can find a clothing combination right for the temperature, wind, humidity, plus my variation of effort from climbing with a load to sitting still waiting for water to boil. Figuring that it is indeed feasible, my preparations are complete, and I can now turn my attention to the remainder of the evening.

But I go get my clothes anyway, and lay them out neatly in the order I’ll dress in the morning. Because by now, I’m nearly salivating.

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