Settling for a Second Chance

blogThe original plan was brilliant. I had an excellent micro-tour coffee brew-up site in mind. Noting the weather forecast, I could select my route and pace my progress just right. The winds would be transitioning from SW to NW through the morning. I could have the magic of tailwinds for almost my entire outing. One last check of the forecast before bedtime confirmed that I’d be blog-bragging about my brilliance the next day.

But you can’t trust the weather man. The wind shifted at least 5 hours too early, and the temperature when I woke was about 15 degrees colder than predicted. It was windy, humid, and chilly. This was the beginning of plan disentegration.

My inability to mentally adjust to the new conditions was the plan’s final undoing. I rolled out, got cold, came home, added a layer, rolled out again, pondered how I’d feel after being out in the wind for 4-5 hours in an area with no services, thought about how nice it would be to have coffee NOW, and headed back home. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but I just couldn’t let go of the perfectness of last evening’s plan. So I bailed.

It took a few hours before the mental adjustment was finally made. But the opportunity was gone. I did actually manage to get out for a shorter ride in the afternoon, but the conditions weren’t really significantly better. I had let a bigger opportunity pass me by simply because it wasn’t what I imagined, planned, or expected. So instead of crisp color photos of outdoor coffee brewing, you get a gloomy black and white of me pondering what could have been. Bad Pondero.

There’s a lesson for life in there somewhere. Find it.

14 thoughts on “Settling for a Second Chance

  1. I think the lesson could be “Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you wanted, but appreciate what you got.” I can feel you, there’s been several times that I had “a great ride” in mind, but weather/health/obligations conspired against it happening the way I wanted it to. The recent post of my ride to Ricky Point is a good example of lemons/lemonade.

  2. This winter, perhaps more so than in winters past, the words “live to fight another day” has echoed in my mind. Looking forward to Spring!

  3. I’ve met too many people who’ve been burned out because one of two things, it’s always a competition or their riding when their mind or body tells them no.

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