Ramble (Ice Storm) Update


Here in the midst of the Great Ice Storm of 2013, I am reminded of a few words I always include with my annual Ramble announcements…

“Speaking of weather, I always want folks to know that I’m not hard-core.  I can ride if it is a little cold, or a little drizzly, but I don’t like cold and wet.  On days like that, I will send you on your way with a cue sheet and my best wishes, and then spend the rest of my day by the fireplace.”


What you see in the photos is not a charming light dusting of snow.  It is thick, solid coating of ice.  Fortunately, all prior Rambles have not included weather that prompted me to opt out and stay fireside, but this weekend is one example of weather that would.


Instead, the current long range forecast for next Saturday is for a temperature range of 38-54, and only a slight chance of rain.  Things will probably change between now and then, but I’m hopeful we’ll be able to Ramble nicely as usual.

Oh yeah…in addition to the fact that you don’t want to get here late and be left behind, there’s another great reason to arrive early this year…

zRamble veteran, Eric Welborn (midcitiesbikeman) has hinted that he plans to bring some of his most excellent cold brew coffee.  Note I said cold BREW, not cold coffee.  His cold brew technique results in an amazingly smooth and flavorful coffee that I highly recommend.  Get here early and don’t miss out on this treat!


10 thoughts on “Ramble (Ice Storm) Update

    • Seems pretty bad to me. I might be over-cautious, but I want nothing to do with driving. Lots of folks stuck on IH35 last night.

      We’ve taken the dogs out walking on the premises, but mostly been hanging out by the fire…eating too much. The bike glares at me, asking why I can’t spring for some tires with studs.

  1. I approve of the fire side decision…it’s okay to give the bike and your self a rest. Hope you all have a great Ramble.

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