A Photo Contest?


I mentioned recently that this year’s Ramble includes a photography contest. Here are a few details on how I’d like the contest to work…

Theme – Capture the spirit of the Fifth Annual Fall Finale Country Path Ramble

Categories – Three opportunities to win; landscape, bikes, and people

Prizes – I anticipate one prize for each category, but keep in mind this is a pathetically low budget affair

Judges – Mrs. Pondero and I will judge the entries, and she has already informed me that photos that include dogs will given bonus points.

Miscellaneous Details – Photos must be taken on the route during the Ramble, but pre-departure and post-return photos on our homesite do qualify. Individuals are eligible to win in only one category. No limit to the number of entries, and photos may be submitted for more than one category. Submit photos to me, via email, by December 17. If you submit photos, I am assume you are giving me permission to post on my blog (credit will be given).

We have only two weeks and change left to prepare. So far I only have a small number of RSVPs. If you are planning to join us, please help me out and send me an email ASAP. I’m looking forward to this years Ramble and hope you can join us.

13 thoughts on “A Photo Contest?

  1. Chris,
    Don’t have your e-mail address and don’t see it on your blog, but wanted to give you an RSVP on the gravel ramble. Especially with the addition of the photo contest, you know I’ll be there.

    -Steve R.

  2. Chris,

    Linda and I plan on participating in your ride again this year. Looking forward to another great “ramble”.

    Kevin Vinson (vinsonkj@sbcglobal.net)
    Linda Vinson (vinsonlj@sbcglobal.net)

  3. Chris, could you E-mail me the address? I drove up last year with Paul, who knew where in Sanger you are, but I don’t recall how to get there myself. It looks like your blog should give you my email. Thanks,
    -Steve Reisman

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