Coffeeneuring Practice


I’ve been following (with envy) MG’s coffeeneuring thing since the beginning. How can you help but smile anytime someone finds a creative way to combine the bicycle with coffee? Given my rural location, however, participation has been impractical, or rendered unenjoyable due to such limited options for quality coffee. Although I often combine coffee with my rides, I couldn’t “qualify” for the coffeeneuring challenge. At least not until this year’s rule change which introduced the “coffee shop without walls” option.

Well…due to being surprised by the rule change, and not making the necessary arrangements early, I’m still a DNS this year. Next year I plan to be in top form and ready to roll.  In the meantime, practice…


Quickbeam and saddlebag full of coffee gear


One of my favorite coffee shops without walls



Cool autumn morning, warm sun



Roadside but didn’t see a pickup until I packed up and rolled away


The coffee here is always just the way I like it



Something about the hobo decor appeals to me



Simple transport, simple pleasures



Autumn on the north Texas prairie


IMG_3020Creekside pause, watching leaves fall


16 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Practice

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  2. Beautiful. I need to get every available day done to qualify. I think an early run with the dog is the only way I will manage. I like how a fun outing becomes a challenge you need to get your brain around, when it’s attached to a time limit and some kind of reward. It’s kind of jacked up, actually. “Hey, here’s a fun thing you can use to stress yourself out!”

    • Sometimes it is good to have a PURPOSE for the bicycle outing. And that purpose might as well be pleasant, in stark contrast to the epic suffering some seem to wish to portray.

  3. I’ll all in favor of avoiding the epic suffering meme! I don’t usually have coffee while riding, because I already consume large quantities of the stuff, but recently I started carrying a canned drink, water crackers and sharp cheddar cheese cracker cuts (from Trader Joe’s) for a leisurely snack (all in an insulated camping storage container).

  4. BTW, what kind of rubber are you rolling with on the ye ol’ Orange QB? I’m still rolling my JackBrowns and like them very much, although I don’t visit our too-hilly gravel on the QB.

    • I’ve got Schwalbe Duremes on there now. They’re quite durable, but a little sluggish. I’m thinking of trying the new SOMA C Lines that seem to be getting some good reports, but need to get my cashflow more healthy first.

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