Celebration Toast

1 toast



2 bike at fence

All of north central Texas celebrates when that first little puff of coolish air arrives near summer’s end.

2 spillway

We all have our methods of celebration, and mine involves the bike, coffee outside, and a little hammock hanging.

3 gear

The joy of spending time outside artificially cooled air must be like Mrs. Pondero’s dogs rolling in the dirt after a bath.

3 trail 1

I’ve become fond of riding out to the State Park and finding out-of-the-way places to listen to the breeze and watch time go by.

4 coffee and bike

A second breakfast, including freshly brewed coffee, pulls my sense of taste into the celebration.

5 picnic

My micro-tour gear is not what one would call ultra-light, but it is mighty comfortable.

6 picnic close 7 mug 8 trail 2

When it seemed enough of the day went by, I pedaled a little more on the trails in the park, packed up my gear, and “unhurried” my way home.  It is most definitely time to prepare for camping season Texas.

9 side at bridge

9 thoughts on “Celebration Toast

  1. Wonderful post! In your photos I can sense the vitality this cooler air has brought to you, Chris. We are, likewise, experiencing Fall temperatures and weather this week. Gotta get out!

  2. Probably December 14. It’s either that or the 21st, which is probably too close to Christmas. So, PROBABLY when I make the announcement (which isn’t today, but soon), it likely will be the 14th.

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