They Still Gather


Under the shade of the pecan tree, and under the Lone Star flag, they still gather.


Out there in Denton County, next to the rock wall of the courthouse, they come from all directions.  First two or three, then another one…or two, they just keep coming.


They bring their chairs.  They bring their smiles, good will, and they bring acoustic instruments.


And they fill the air with the kind of sweet, authentic music you can’t get with some kind of electronic gadget.



3 thoughts on “They Still Gather

  1. Glad to see you back posting Pondero, I honestly don’t know if there is a memorial day or reason for reflecting on the reason why many many years ago a little Scottish school boy learned that the big square at the bottom of the U.S was Texas, the lone Star State,….. please tell.

    • Wikipedia says it better than I can…

      Texas is nicknamed the Lone Star State to signify Texas as a former independent republic and as a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. The “Lone Star” can be found on the Texas state flag and on the Texas state seal today.[9] The origin of the state name, Texas, is from the word, “Tejas”, which means ‘friends’ in the Caddo language.[10]

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