Because I spend so much time off paved roads, my bikes tend to look like this most of the time. Just drip some more lube on the chain and go…


But every once-in-a-great-while, I crave a nice clean and shiny bike.


It would be fun to buy a new clean and shiny bike, but I’ve found cleaning a well liked bike to be less expensive.


Ahh…this dirt brings back fond memories of wonderful adventures.


And a dirty bike is bike enjoyed. I’ll kind of miss this encrusted gravel dust.


But it only takes a couple long rides on north Texas gravel roads to bring back that authentic patina. So the Quickbeam took a quickbath today.

IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Wow…I didn’t expect it to look this good. It shines in places I haven’t seen a months.Ā I’m also happy to report that it feels lighter, faster, and more comfortable. Just the thing for those long days in the saddle.

But who could take such a nice looking bike like this out on a dusty gravel road? I’m not even sure I can put that sun-faded and crusty Carradice saddle bag back on it.


11 thoughts on “Quickbath

  1. A: That super-crusty Carradice is exactly what the QB to be whole again.

    B: Funny, bc this is one of my favorite posts. Don’t know why. Adventure, roads, experiences, all in the crust. “Proof is in the pudding.”

  2. Don’t fret; there’s still Homer and he’s probably still dusty. Isn’t he? That faded and crusty Carradice really does epitomize those past adventures rather nicely. Makes mine look rather pitiful all clean and such!

    • The Foaming Wash works really well if the bike is greasy/grimy. I wasn’t expecting much, but it performs better than some companies’ dedicated degreasers. The nozzle puts out a very narrow stream, so you may want to find a sprayer with the option for a wider pattern.

      It’s good stuff.

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