Second Breakfast Micro Tour


I had the time, but I didn’t have the gumption for a long ride. That, and the triple digit temps of a Texas summer, suggested that a lakeside micro tour would be just the thing.


I rolled out at 5:30am, and followed my headlight beam down a combination of paved and not-paved roads to the State Park.


A suitable spot was claimed a little after sunrise. Lots of shade, and a perfect breeze off the lake.


Given how much I enjoy breakfast, it is too easy to adopt the brilliant Bilbo Baggins practice of a second breakfast.


Sugar and caffiene.  Everything you want, nothing you need.


Life at the height of luxury.


Don’t always take me literally when I say I’ve been “out on the bike for five hours”.


Sometimes it is more about “out” than…”on the bike”.

14 thoughts on “Second Breakfast Micro Tour

    • Uh…not so much today. A weird coolness enveloped north Texas today and we probably will not make above 80. Very strange.

      It was plenty hot yesterday.

  1. Wonderfully emotive photos. I don’t know if you used a soft focus or if it was the morning mist burning off, but they paint an awful lot of words. As an aside, have you a remote for your camera or were the hammock photos a mad dash? Either way, Thank you for a great post.

    • Thanks, Peter. My photography approach is to use a “point and shoot” camera, hope for the best, and sometimes add a little post-processing if it seems to help. Yes, some of these frames have a “soft focus” enhancement.

      My camera does have a timer that I can set to 30 seconds, so no mad dash is required…just a little deliberateness.

    • This is the Expedition Asym Zip. Not a bottom entry. The mosquito netting is sewn in along one side and a full-length zipper is provided on the other side. So far I’ve only slept with the netting fully zipped, but for this short lounging session, I unzipped it fully and folded the netting back. One can use an attached elastic cord, stretched across the bottom, to constrain it. It isn’t as if the netting totally disappears, but I didn’t find it bothersome. If you do not get sufficient details from the website and their videos, let me know and I’ll get more photos for you.

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