Camp Vibes



Photos from my latest S24O reminded me of one of the common hashtags I see posted by bicycle camping aficionados on Instagram… #campvibes.


It was a short outing. I was at an undisclosed lakeside location just in time to set up camp before dark, and back home by 9:30 am.


But I had me some good camp vibes.


I woke just as the sun rose above the horizon on the other side of the lake.


Plenty of time for lounging, breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, and wandering around. It takes less time than you think.


With only little effort, one can get outdoors, and see things.


Wonderful things.


And ponder the great contrast in value of the genuine over the virtual.


I’m not really into suffering through epic-hard adventures.


But I love me some civilized and comfortable camp vibes.


4 thoughts on “Camp Vibes

  1. It is relaxing for me to just look at your photos. We all need to take more time to slow down, relax, and reflect. You have clearly demonstrated that one of the benefits of the S24O is that it does not take much of one’s time to achieve those ends.

  2. I had forgotten the simple joy of a hammock on a biking overnight. Your photos brought back some nice memories. (Lovely photos, by the way…) Thanks!

    These days I prefer short overnight trips. They’re the essence of bike travel in a format that can be enjoyed whenever you can make a quick escape.

  3. So looking forward to bike packing this year and I still haven’t managed to do it yet. The weather has not been nice enough. Has to happen at least a couple of times before this month is out.
    Thanks for your post. It’s an inspiring reminder.

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