Last Minute S24O


It’s the beautiful peaceful morning that draws me. So even a last minute decision to go, hurried preparations, my latest start ever, and setting up camp in the dark proved worthwhile.



It was my first night in the Hennessy Hammock, and I’m happy to report that the quality of sleep and comfort have taken a giant leap forward. I woke content and ready to greet the sun.


Due to my late arrival to camp, a early morning errand to fetch more water was needed before enjoying breakfast.


Making the beautiful peaceful morning just a little better…


Wearing long sleeves. One of the reasons I made a last minute decision to camp, even being so unprepared, was the weather forecast. Low 60’s in June? Craziness. You’ve got to get out and experience that.


The hammock not only improves sleeping, but camp lounging comfort was also greatly enhanced.


Rolling out of the State Park, rounding the bend…


…and comin’ at ya.



One more stop in town before the last leg home. You have vintage tractors parked in prominent places in your town too, right? This one pulls a sign advertising a local restaurant and is seen in many prominent locations.

For the record, what Grant says is true. An S24O can be thrown together quickly and come out just fine.

17 thoughts on “Last Minute S24O

  1. Nicely done, Chris. I like that hammock. Looks very comfortable. Tempted to buy one for use in the backyard even.
    Glad to note you are doing a bunch of S24Os this year. That’s great!
    Peace 🙂

  2. I have been looking at a Hennessy over the whole winter and am just about to make my purchase, so it’s good to see your endorsement here.

  3. Intrigued with the hammock. Afraid I wouldn’t tie it up right and I would fall to the earth. As to a quickie, s24o, excellent decision and I’ll need to do the same soon.

    • I’m just using the line and knot method recommended by Hennessy for now…

      …but I’ve seen YouTube videos on alternative methods and might try some of those in the future. It’s funny that people have proposed all sorts to time-saving approaches, but the knot doesn’t take long at all.

  4. Was someone else with you or were the shots of you on the bike taken by setting up the camera and then riding past it on a timer?

    • I was solo and everything you see is just me playing around with a camera. Why don’t you join me next time and make those riding shots easier?

  5. Nice to see you got out.

    I kept thinking about you and your AHH last weekend. I attended the Midwest Country Bike Rally in southern Minnesota. It was an overnight, two day event to ride the gravel Almanzo 100 race course. But we did it at a very relaxed pace (very relaxed!) over two days rather than as a one day race event. Of the 14 riders there were 5 Rivs, 5 Surly LHT’s, a Grant Peterson designed Soma San Marcos, a custom Curt Goodrich, custom Bilenky, and a Salsa Fargo. I’ve always ridden gravel because I had to in these parts, not because I sought it out. After riding a hundred miles of sweet gravel in scenic bluff country riddle with farms I can now say I’m a gravel convert.

    Anyhoo, you and your AHH would have fit right in.

    And there were plenty of vintage tractors around. In town and out. One small town had a township museum filled to the gills with local memorabilia and history. One pole barn attached to the museum contained a collection of at least 20 vintage Oliver tractors. Pretty amazing collection.


    • Awesome. I gave some consideration to traveling up to be a part of that ride, but it wasn’t to be this year. Very funny to hear that you found some agreeable gravel and enjoyed yourself…more to love about the bicycle! Thanks for the update, I guess I’ll need to check-in to see of you have Rally photos on Flickr.

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