Be Ready


Much of life is impossible to predict.  The sense of order we create for ourselves can  sometimes suggest some level of cause and effect.  Because we plan, we have expectations.  Because we have an ability to make choices, we sometimes think we have more control than is real.  Then some life event catches us by surprise.  Things happen to us that have nothing at all to do with our cleverness, power, ability, or planning.


Sometimes those surprises are delightful opportunities.  Like, for example, a mild February day and time enough to get out on a bicycle to enjoy it.  When those unexpected doors open up, it is good to be ready to leap through with thanksgiving.

Sometimes those surprises are much less pleasant, and can not be escaped.  These should not be forgotten.  I’m old enough now to know that adversity is normal.  It seems best to be ready with backup resources to push through those harsher sections.  It is good to have help standing by at the ready.  Relationships with people motivated by love has proven very effective for me.


7 thoughts on “Be Ready

  1. Nicely put. I try to have a similar perspective when I am on the bike. I realize that not everyone is able to bicycle because of a physical setback, or some other circumstance. I see someone with a walker and I think to myself how easily that could be me. I try to live a life of gratitude. Sometimes it is difficult in this society of excess and entitlement because try as I may, those things have an impact on me as well.

    ~ Wilson

  2. I take a great pleasure from being out and about but I also find it a great resource to draw on when life throws up its more difficult times.
    When I can’t get out, then reading of other folks adventures is a useful substitute.

  3. I got out on Chief today. Somebody in a car yelled at me and a high school kid lay on the horn because apparently I was slowing his approach to the stop sign. I need to get back to Texas and civilization!

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