Mid-Winter Mixed-Terrain Metric


It was a dreary, cloudy, windy day, and in the upper 40’s when I rolled out.  But after seeing how some of my bicycle blog buddies around the country are suffering through a REAL winter, how could I let such an opportunity to spend a few hours on the bike pass by?


I stood in my living room staring at my bike.  Under my breath, I went through a sort of checklist.  Water…food…camera…rain gear…wallet…cell phone…tools…

Mrs. Pondero, who is quite used to my odd ways, deadpanned this interruption…

“Are you chanting?”


As is my custom, I selected a loop that started into the wind, planning a tailwind push back home.  I “enjoyed” a refreshing cross-wind and light rain crossing the Lake Ray Roberts dam, then rolled into horse-crazy Aubrey, Texas and took a breather.


The route then took me west along FM 428 to the Greenbelt trail.  I took the trail into Denton and enjoyed a refuel stop at a coffee shop.  The last 20 miles or so were almost all tailwind.


The new A. Homer Hilsen is working out perfectly.  Maybe the set-up on this one is better than the last one.  Maybe I did a better build job.  Maybe its just new bike joy.  Whatever it is, this bike takes me where I want to go…pleasantly.


Let’s see…metric century…6 hours…two food stops…coffee…nice mix of paved, gravel, and dirt…numerous photo stops…wool kept me toasty warm…the perfect bike…

Uh oh…I’m chanting again…


5 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Mixed-Terrain Metric

  1. Great post, the trees look amazing, whether it is wind, grazing or dry summers, they certainly set a feeling to the land.
    As to the chanting, I notice ‘bar end shifters’ is not in the incantation. Can I take it that they are working for you?

    • Yes, the shifters are working out well so far. The real test will be when I try to use the front rack to carry my overnight camping load. Hopefully, those cables will not interfere.

  2. Just catching up on your recent posts. You have some great riding up there. That new-to-you Rivendell looks great. A Riv is one of my dreamcycles.

    Glad to read you are liking the bar ends. I have a set of old Suntours on my converted Trek MTB and once I got used to having them there, they are almost as quick to shift as the Campy Ergos on my road bike. I do have to be careful when standing to hammer up a steep hill, to avoid hitting my knee against them, but that is the only minor downside I know of. I like friction shifters, they just work.

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