(In route to a pleasant place)


Today’s post is a voluntary blog assignment.  The idea is to ride to a place you enjoy and do a short photo-journalism description.  In the winter, I am sometimes not motivated to spend several hours out in a cold wind.  But, because of stunning blue skies contrasted by a thousand shades of golden brown, I am quite motivated to get out of the house, take a short ride out to a pleasant place, and savor the surroundings for awhile.  Here’s an example of a typical short winter ride on a chilly, windy morning.  I found a nice spot out of the wind to pause and enjoy a hot coffee.  Here is one of my “places”, and (after the first two “in route” photos) it looks like this…



(Sometimes a good hilltop place to pause, but too windy today, keep going…)





(Ahh…perfect, a sunny spot with trees shielding the wind)


(My roadside place, looking west)


(Looking east)


(Looking down)



(Looking up)

I’d be interested to see your places.  Whether urban or rural, solo or group, and self-portrait or not, how about showing me one of your favorite places?  If you are up for this assignment, please let me know.  Feel free to post links to your blog here so others can also enjoy.

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