Ain’t No Rando

MAP side


The MAP is for sale.

$1800 for frame, fork,  headset, front rack/decaleur, front braze-on derailleur, and polished pump. I will consider a complete bike sale if desired.

Last summer’s rando experiment was successful. I learned I ain’t no rando. This bike did allow me to go faster and farther than in recent years, but I realize rides of about half a day are generally long enough. And I seem to have lost interest in any kind of sense of urgency. As several correctly predicted, I miss my A. Homer Hilsen.  I have learned that I prefer the ride sensations of my Rivendell Quickbeam after all, and want to resume my S240 practices. So I need to sell the rando for financial resources.

I need a camping bike. I wonder if I could track down the ol’ Hilsen…?

24 thoughts on “Ain’t No Rando

    • The basics are:

      56cm ST ctc
      55cm TT ctc
      stand over 82cm
      65mm fork offset
      73 degree head and seat tube
      430mm chain stays

      7/4/7 top and down tubes, Columbus SL stays, Reynolds fork blades. Pacenti PBP crown, Prugnat type 62 lugs

      • Let the haunting begin…

        Hypothetically (of course), if you became interested, would it be in the base package or something more?

      • The base package, I think. The rest would have to follow slowly as funding permits. But either way it’s going to be a while given what I spent on vet bills today.

  1. I’d say there are more than a few keyboards being slobbered upon at this time! It must be that creamy chocolate brown colour of the frame! 😉 I know the MAP will soon find a new home. Anxious to see what will take it’s place in the Pondero garage! Homer or Hunqa?? 🙂

  2. Oh, yes. There’s just something about the scene of the great “wooly mammoth” in snow that evokes images of rugged, faraway places!

    • Hey, Bill, nice to hear from you! I saw your latest post and it was good to see the 2012 recap. Thanks for the link. Given how much I love the QB, I’m thinking about a 57cm AHH with 700c wheels (at least for now). But I can’t do anything until I sell off a few things.

  3. Pondero – I might be interested in the complete bike. I will be in the Dallas area on 1/14. If you still have it, can I take a look?

    • It has less to do with the bike, than the intended use of it. I decided I’m really more of a dawdler who likes to roll out for the occasional S24O. The thin tubes and no rear rack is fine for more spirited rides, but I learned I’m not really going to be doing very much spirited riding.

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