Let’s Ramble

Let’s ramble!

I won’t mislead you. I’m a little nervous about this year’s event. Preparations have been a little more challenging this year. The unreliability of the Rosston General Store as a refreshment stop, and the infiltration of the oil and gas industry on some of our more “pristine” areas prompted a route change. I ended up with two alternate routes in hopes of minimizing a long headwind finish. Then I persuaded “GravelDoc” to make the trip down from Missouri to join the ride. Finally, if everyone that sent me a note actually comes, we will have our biggest Ramble ever. So, yes, I’m nervous. Expectations might be higher than ever. I hope my guests enjoy themselves.

The current weather forecast for Saturday indicates cool temperatures, only a slight chance for rain, and WSW wind.  If this holds, we’ll take the Greenwood Loop route. That should make for a pleasant stop at the Greenwood Grocery and Grill. If the wind shifts to the north, we’ll likely head for Gainesville.

It’s almost Saturday.  So pack those bags with snacks, cameras, and a relaxed perspective, come up to my little place on the north Texas prairie, and join your friends in a pleasant rural ramble.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Ramble

  1. Before heading into a big game the old man would say, "If you don't have butterflies, you're not ready". Love the effect in the photo. Have fun Pondero. Ramble on.

  2. My condolences to you on the loss of your father-in-law. You wrote a very moving epitaph. Wish my husband and I could join your ride, but we have recently relocated from Bolivar to the KC area. Say "hello" to Gravel Doc from us!No matter the weather conditions, I know you will have a wonderful ride. You always do!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Ramble and getting to know some of the great folks from the Fort Worth area. Also, Cindy and I especially enjoyed getting to spend some time with the Pondero family; including the four-legged members! Thanks again for opening your home to us!

  4. I really appreciate all who took the time to travel to my place to ride with me, and wish my other blog buddies could have joined as well. Bikes are wonderful, but friends are better.

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