One Tooth Slower

There was some hesitation before installing the one tooth larger track cog.

Would it be an admission of weakness?

Would it slow me down too much?

And then I remembered riding fixed on gravel roads is not the fastest option any way.

Besides, one of the delightful joys of riding a bicycle is avoiding that burdensome sense of urgency that is everywhere else in my world.

13 thoughts on “One Tooth Slower

  1. That tumbledown shack and then the gravel track snaking to a middle distance suggest a wonderful sense of exploration. I'm a long way from Texas but your posts continue to give me tiny escapes on dank Scottish evenings.

  2. When I make a bike decision based on enjoyment rather than speed, I always reap rewards.When I make a decision based on speed, my life is almost always poorer eventually.I'm continually re-learning this.

  3. Very lovely. I agree with the sentiment expressed thus far. Enjoy the freedom the single brings you. This is must try also. Question I have had for a while and this seems a good opportunity to ask; I have a frame with vertical drops, can I run a single speed if I incorporate a eccentric bottom bracket? You don't need to answer that, but it's just the question that I have and I am looking for answers at my local bike co-op.

  4. Thanks to all for the encouragement and reinforcement.Wilson, I guess the main issue has to do with maintaining proper chain tension. It is my understanding that an eccentric BB is designed to solve just the kind of dilemma you describe. Another option would be to try something like a Surly Singleater…'ve got one I'm not using (sold the frame I used in on) and would be willing to sell for an attractive price. Send me an email if interested.

  5. I consistently gear my on-road fixed gear bikes in the mid-60-inch range (17×42, for instance). All of the young bucks think that's ridiculously low (and it would be if I was track racing). But, it allows me to take off from a stop light with some alacrity, and to toodle along in the 18 to 20 mph range on the flats.On my off-road single-track fixed gear, 48 gear-inches seems about right…

  6. Though I am, by no means, a fast rider, I've found when I "rush" a ride, I feel kind of like I "short- changed" myself. IMHO I believe you're on the right track. Anyway, why would anyone want to rush through those beautiful scenes you've shared?

  7. My on-road fixed is almost 70 gear inches dead on. I've done longer excursions on it and easier gearing would have been much appreciated in some situations, like the gravel roads you mention.As always though, I wish for a smaller rear cog on descents… I am a weirdo and use clipess pedals on my fixed, so I have to either brake or keep up with kooky cadence!

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