6 thoughts on “If So, When?

  1. Interesting.Since I am a bit north of you (actually quite a bit) I have little interest in "minimizing" the temperature ;)Perhaps more like "moderating"!My graph would look a bit different!I wish I was half as creative a blogger as you!Cheers.

  2. Wilson, it's 6pm and currently 102 (F) degrees. We expect to get a couple of weak cool fronts (meaning highs in the 80s) moving through beginning in September, but on average, pleasant high temps begin around October.Steve, just to be clear, my journal scribbles are all referencing the 3-day credit card tour I'm contemplating. If it happens, I'm thinking Thurs/Fri/Sat, mid- to late-October.

  3. Killer schematic. I like the shading. The script articulate. The symbols,simplistically artistic. The prompt outstanding. "If So,When?". If I only knew. Texas would be cool.

  4. I've never visited the area around Sanger, TX, but it looks like your weather isn't that different from Tucson during the summer.Your graph certainly shows the respite from the heat that I'm awaiting here in October!

  5. I am enjoying your sketches. I have always enjoyed cartography and other types of graphic presentations of information. There is a great book by Reif Larsen called The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet all about an oddball boy cartographer. If anyone likes maps and good stories, check it out!

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