Fixed Gear Mixed Terrain Metric

There are long stretches with no shade, and I was a little intimidated by the forecast.  It was quite a workout, but it worked out just fine.  Great ride.

I wanted to try a route that added some new roads.  After my flat tire a couple of weeks ago, I seem to have mounted my rear tire off-center (yes, Hetre on Velocity rim) and I was too lazy to fix it last night.  So I rolled the Quickbeam today.

Turns out the the new roads are excellent.  But there was enough climbing on this hot summer day to motivate me to get that tire/rim thing resolved…soon.

I like these old one lane steel truss bridges.  I think I’ll come back by this one again.  Maybe next time with more gears.


3 thoughts on “Fixed Gear Mixed Terrain Metric

  1. More and more I am seeking out mixed surface riding. It's just wonderful that you appear to be surrounded by so many options. I also lament not making my last build a single speed, and now my "extra" frame cannot accommodate with its vertical drops. A single or fixed seems so romantic and simple, but I'm sure it's also quite a work out.Always enjoy your pictures.Cheers.

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