Carradice Tidyness

Inspired by a blog buddy, I finally took steps to tidy-up the saddlebag.  My relatively weighty tool roll tended to end up at the bottom center of my bag, causing a distorting sag and a bit of sway during standing climbs.  It was oddly always in the way while trying to access things that are used more frequently.  Remembering that I saw Bike Tinker attach his minipump to his bag’s support bar, I grabbed a toe strap and cinched it up.  Tidy, stable, and out of the way.  So far so good.

Now I need to give some thought to the sometimes rattle-y handlebar bag.

4 thoughts on “Carradice Tidyness

  1. Very nice. I keep all of my tools and patch kits in the external pockets, so that I don't have to access the main compartment of the bag when I need a tool. The Road Morph pump is in the bottom of the bag, though, and usually hard to get to. maybe I will try attaching it to the crossbar…

  2. Ah yes, the rattle-y. I wrap my offending items in the handlebar bag with old inner tube pieces or electrical tape. Also have found that putting items in small bags that just barely hold them seems to help. Good luck.

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