MO Trip 4/4

After reversing my prior days ride and returning to Springfield, I knew I’d need some food before starting my long trip back home.  GravelDoc had recommended visiting the downtown area, and mentioned that there’d be one of his favorite bike shops and food options.  So I packed up my things and drove from the trailhead toward downtown.

One the way, I spotted this curiosity.  At first, I thought I’d found another bike shop, but there are signs clearly stating “Bikes are not for sale”.

It appears that someone simply fenced their driveway and yard with bicycles.  Why didn’t I think of that?

I did find Queen City Cycles and also found that they had some nice vintage bikes on display.  I needed a new pair of gloves to replace some that were worn out.  So I browsed a little, made my purchase, and headed for brunch.

Just up the road, I found a hopping breakfast place.  I was seated in a booth that allowed a watchful eye over my bicycle locked up outside.  It’s not often you’ll see my bike downtown with a lock on it.  Yeah, I know the lock is supposed to go through at least one wheel.  Sometimes I flirt with danger.

Filled and content, I aimed the truck back toward the more mundane and pushed a different kind of pedal forward.

8 thoughts on “MO Trip 4/4

  1. Sounds like a great trip. We rode the trail a few years ago out and back 1 day. I'd rather have made it a 2 day trip like you did so we wouldn't have been rushed.I hate to see those many nice and vintage bikes left outside to rust.

  2. That's a hoot! I've never seen the bicycle lined yard, or even knew it existed. Thanks for teaching me something about my own city. Now, if I could just find it!

  3. Tracy W, although google maps aerial doesn't show bikes now, I think it might have been at W. Hovey St. at N. Glenn. I was driving into downtown on Division, and saw the bikes on my right. If you get some free time, you might try that spot.

  4. A bicycle fence is surely an unusual landscape feature. My sister once put a brass bed headboard and frame in her front yard and then planted a "flowerbed" in the frame.It definitely caught the attention of passersby and appeared in the local paper!

  5. Yep, W. Hovey St at N. Glenn is the right spot. In my third photo you can see the concrete trucks in the background (looking east). You can see them in Google's street view also.

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