MO Trip 2/4

Tracy Wilkins (the Springfield Cyclist) took time out of his weekend to host a late afternoon/early evening ride out west of town.  I had arrived in town to ride the Frisco Highline Trail the next day, and meeting up with Tracy was an excellent bonus.

Architecture is what you get when saving money isn’t the primary motivation in a building project. 

The fantastically versatile Cross Check

He called it a “sunset ride” 

So we took photos 

And some of the ride looked like this 

But as time passed, the sun fell out of the sky 

And the light became more compelling 

We delighted in the massive rays 

And when it became dark,
we pedaled through the countryside
listening to the sounds
This post is way overdue, but there’s no way I’m going to not thank Tracy publicly for a wonderful ride.  Go to his post for better sunset photos. Hey  buddy, if you can get down to Denton County, Texas, I’ll return the favor.

Part 3/4 will be Frisco Highline Trail report.

6 thoughts on “MO Trip 2/4

  1. Great photos and light. Interesting thoughts on architecture. Form following function can be art too. My interest is piqued by the Cross- Check, again a certain beauty of form following function. Versatility."…we pedaled through the countryside listening to sounds" Excellent.

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