MO Trip (1/4)

Sometimes you have to set a goal, plan ahead, destroy distractions, and make it happen.  But other times, a door opens, the path points downhill, and all you have to do is walk through.  My MO trip was a simple walk through.

I’ve been seeking an opportunity to visit my dad up in south central Missouri for months.  When it materialized, it was delightful that other opportunities appeared with it.

These photos are from an early morning ATV ride down from the ridgetop to a spring-fed creek.  The photo above is where the perfectly clear water springs from the ground.  It is a lovely spot in the morning.  A cool breeze, the morning light, and the quiet set the tone for a multi-day slow down for me.

After a nice visit with my dad, I was able to meet up with a couple of blog buddies, ride the Frisco Highline Trail, and do a practice run for a future short credit card tour.  But more about those things later…

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