8 thoughts on “Coffee Stop

  1. Well, I guess it is designed to be horizontal with a 72 degree headtube angle. Since my headtube is 73 degrees, I guess it's sloping down toward the front at 1 degree, more or less.

  2. What temperature is "pleasantly cool" for a Texan? The last time I visited my sister in Santa Fe, TX it was 80 degrees and everyone was saying how cool it was. I found it stifling hot when combined with the Gulf humidity.

  3. Doug, I think we mean "pleasantly cool" relative what is normal around here. Today, mid-60s was pleasantly cool. Last Saturday, it was sunny and mid-80's.

  4. Chandra, since it was raining when I left the house, I didn't think I'd get almost 60 miles in that day. It turned out to be a very nice ride.

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