17 thoughts on “I Can Go

  1. Steve, short answer…yes, so far.Longer answer, Mitch built this frame with a braze-on for this front derailleur which, due to the flat cage, tends to work better than some with narrow tread cranks. I've never had two chainrings so different in size, but shifts up and down are surprisingly smooth. So far, so good.

  2. Gorgeous. Two questions:1) Are you going to a rack or anything on the back for camping, or just stick to what you can carry up front, or use an unsupported saddle bag, or…?2) Bar-end shifters?

  3. Rombsy, this frame is so light, it really isn't intended as a camping bike. The plan is more of single day long ride bike. That said, I might try a saddle bag with the front bag and do credit card overnight thing some day.I've never had bar-end shifters. I'm quite comfortable with downtube shifters and enjoy the minimal, clean look without the cables protruding from the front of the bike.

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